Breaking News:Virat Kohli Retires From Indian Cricket After Realizing That Indians Dont Like Him

Posted on Tue May 22 14:58:59 UTC 2018

After recent loss to Australia in semi finals of ICC WC 2015 everyone has started targeting Virat Kohli. Few stupid, ignorant and illiterate Indians have also started blaming Anushka Sharma for the loss. She has been labelled as National panauti by those people who themselves would be the biggest panauti of their respective families. They both have been trolled over internet by the people.
Most probably all those who have least interest and knowledge in cricket have resorted to such trolls as true cricket fan will never go so low in his/her life. They are the same people who had trolled Yuvraj Singh in last T20 world cup forgetting all his contributions for India. These wannabe people think writing negative things will attract more likes than some constructive writing.
Till now we were laughing at our neighbours for mauka-mauka ads and now they are laughing at us after seeing the way Indians have reacted. And all those targeting Anushka Sharma are no less than rapists in our eyes. Both have something in common, Disrespect women.
Virat said 'I would prefer not playing not playing than playing for a country which has got lame fans like them. I had once shown my middle finger to crowd while playing a match in Australia. Now I realize who deserve my middle finger.'...

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