Calcutta Biryani Best in India, Survey Shows

Posted on Tue Jun 19 02:09:31 UTC 2018

Do you happen to be in Calcutta for a few days? Do not miss the delectable Calcutta biryani then. As the nation says, it's the best it has got!

A nation-wide survey among 1 million citizens have shown that 59% Indians think that Calcutta biryani is the best the country has to offer. The other options provided to the voters were Lucknow biryani (29.5%), Hyderabadi biryani (9.5%), and Delhi Biryani (2%). It seems that more than half the voters simply loved the boiled egg, potato and meat combination that the City of Joy stands for. At a mere 2%, the Delhi biryani faired the worst.

Bengalis have been claiming this for quite some time, and now it seems that they are finally vindicated. When asked why, majority of the voters said...

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