Bill Passed : Staring At Females In Public Places In India Will Be A Criminal Offence And Culprits Will Be Punished

Posted on Tue May 22 14:58:11 UTC 2018

In an innovative decision taken by Indian government, staring at females at public places will be considered as a criminal offence. The punishments can be either of these and will depend upon the intensity of the stare :

1. Stripping the culprit nude in the public
2. Forcing the culprit to kiss a pig
3. Putting a rat inside his underwear

All these punishments will be captured on camera and posted on culprit's facebook wall also.

Tharki Kumar from Bihar says 'India is no more a democratic country. Staring at females was my favorite hobby. Life will be boring now'

Most females are rejoicing this decision except few like Rakhi Sawant who says 'What is the use of these silicon implanted b**** when no one can stare at them. I want government to refund the money I had spent on this operation'

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