Facebook Banned In India From April 2015 To Septemper 2015 For 1 Month

Posted on Tue May 22 14:52:25 UTC 2018

In a shocking decision taken by Indian government, Facebook will be banned in India for 1 month starting from April 1st, 2015. Reason being the derogatory status updates put by users against the government.

BJP Spokesperson said 'Our technical team will develop our own social website and every Indian will have to use it. Name of the website will be Chehra-Kitaab.com. All status updates will go through a 3-tier review system before reaching to your friends'

In the peak time status updates of users might take 2-3 weeks to go live. So if you have to post something on happy new year, do it in 2-3 weeks advance.

Confident spokesperson also told that the website will be as fast as irctc.co.in and as secure as Malaysian Airlines.

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