Booger Bomb runs the show of Massachusetts baseball for years to come

Posted on Tue May 22 15:00:32 UTC 2018

Star Catcher from Grafton High School, MA also from Mizuno Northeast Brady Smolinski bats a 3.32 at the plate but that isn't his most impressive statistic. With a pop time of 1.6s high schools and colleges are recruiting Brady from all over the State. Phillips Andover is the latest school looking at the star catcher as they say "he plays catcher which doesn't really matter but you need a big dude as a catcher so it's whatever". His teammates call home booger as a drunk old Irish man came up with the name on a tournament trip. Teammate Gavin Price says "Booger is a pure talent" Damon Fuller states "Booger pulls mad hoes". Imaginary girlfriend. Taylor St. Jean says "Booger will be Booger and can Boogie down like a Booger" Watch out for Brady "Booger" Smolinski on your radar for years to come.

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