Swami OM : Yesterday he peed, today he did Potty in front of everone

Posted on Tue Jun 19 02:08:47 UTC 2018

Swami Om ji is perhaps the most infamous contestant of Bigg Boss season 10. Few weeks back he peed in front of everyone in the Bigg boss's kitchen. Yesterday he threw his pee on the face of Bani and Rohan.But today he crossed all the limits. He did potty in Bigg boss's garden area in front of everyone.

Disgusted by the act, Manu punjabi kicked him and rubbed Om's face against his own shit.Om ji's face turned yellow as if he was suffering from Jaundice. It did not stop here. Other housemates forced him to lick his own shit.Even after all this adamant Om ji said His potty has divine powers and he is used to eating his own shit.


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